Artist Jarl Goli

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Jarl Goli is an artist from Norway having a lot of success the last couple of years as a result of hard work. All his life he has been interesting in painting, and for a long time in his youth he was drawing and painting a lot. He had however another skill as well, namely acting. He therefore applied for both The Norwegian Academy of Fine Art and The Academy of Theatre. He came in at the latter and thus the brush was put away. But that was then….

In 2017 he participated in a painting course in Spain with the Norwegian artist Ellen Hegg as the teacher. This was to be the starting point for an intense focus on art. Since then, Goli has mostly painted around the clock, most of the time in Spain, but also in Norway. In addition, he’s doing workshops, where he teaches others in his technique, which he calls Power paint. And there is no doubt whatsoever that there’s a lot of power in Jarl Goli’s paintings.

Artist résumé


Leonardo da Vinci International artprize at Firenze 25.01.2020 

Separatutstilling Hammerfest 10.02.2020 

Kolektiv utstilling 20 til. 23.02 Drangeid


Casa Boquera Yekla Spain 4 til. 9.mai

Italia 16 til 23.mai. Se foto vedlegg


Moellerparken Tau Stavanger. Juni 2019

New York .Tom 60 masters

24.april til 7.mai 2019

Michelangelo International artprize Rome 24.juni 2019

ST. Petri kirke. 21.10 til 24.10.2019 kolektiv utstilling 

Giotto International Prize Lisbon Portugal 21.10.

Yndestad Gard 1.12.2019. 

Bangkok Humanity Imamen 

The artprize 12.12.2019


Casa Boquera Yekla Spain 16.april 2018

Museo Delso Alfa’z del Pi Spain 21.april 2018

Ulm. Donau award. Mars 2018

Casa cultural Alfa’z del Pi  Spain 21.oktober 2018

Risoer. Kolektiv utstilling 16.juni 2018

Modern art Galleri 16.august 2018

Surnadal 24.aug 2018.

Lions Kjenn skole kolektiv utstilling 21.sept 2018 

The studio

Finca la Vida – where it all happens. More info coming soon.